Firm Overview

The Lakewood Colorado Law Offices of Evan S. Lipstein, P.C.

A Lakewood Litigation Attorney Offering Professional Representation for Construction, Real Estate, Business Law, and Personal Injury

Attorney Evan S. Lipstein has practiced in Lakewood, Colorado, for 35 years, providing the level of service found in large downtown Denver firms at a greatly lower cost. Attorney Lipstein is a former city Planning Commissioner and also holds a degree in architecture. He is particularly adept at handling cases involving real estate and construction litigation.

However, his practice areas cover a broad range of business-related legal topics, as well as personal injury. Contact the Law Offices of Evan S. Lipstein, P.C., today if you need experienced, professional representation for litigation involving land use and zoning,  motor vehicle accidents that result in personal injury, or employment law disputes.

Prepared for the Challenges of Today's Court Room

With the advance of science and technology, forensic tests, medical science, and accident reconstruction have advanced substantially. Defense lawyers for insurance companies, manufacturers, employers, and the government often use sophisticated tests, investigative techniques, and computer analyses to prove their case. In order to meet the challenge of today's court room, Mr. Lipstein often works with experts in medicine, computers, engineering, chemistry, physics, and other fields as well. Regardless of the power or prestige of the other side, Mr. Lipstein has the resources needed to establish a balance of power in the court room.

Evan S. Lipstein, a Credible and Trustworthy Lawyer

Having practiced in Jefferson County and other metro courthouses for 35 years, Evan S. Lipstein, has become a "known quantity" among area judges. As he is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards, his reputation for honesty often helps his clients' positions.

Avoid Litigation when Possible - But Always be Prepared

The best way to solve any legal problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Without an exhaustive review of your contracts and other documents by a knowledgeable attorney, you may be heading straight for litigation, unprotected and unaware.

When litigation becomes unavoidable, it's even more important that you have an attorney who will be prepared - thoroughly reviewing all the details of the case and putting in the time necessary to be prepared for whatever may arise.

Evan S. Lipstein at the Law Offices of Evan S. Lipstein, P.C., has the experience to help you avoid future litigation, and the resources needed to represent you in any current dispute. To discuss your case, contact Lakewood litigation attorney Evan S. Lipstein, P.C., today.

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