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Colorado Trial Lawyer Evan S. Lipstein

Professional Representation in Business, Construction, Employment Law, Real Estate, and Personal Injury Litigation.

Any serious litigation or legal work requires complete preparation and professional treatment from an experienced attorney. Evan S. Lipstein, in Lakewood, Colorado, has provided effective and thorough legal representation for over 30 years. With meticulous attention to detail and the highest standards of ethics and professional integrity, the Law Offices of Evan S. Lipstein, P.C. is well-equipped to handle your vital legal work.

To set up a conference to discuss your legal issues, contact the Law Offices of Evan S. Lipstein, P.C., today. Mr. Lipstein's services are available in a broad range of practice areas. Follow the links below for more in-depth information.

  • Construction Law and Litigation: With a degree in architecture, construction lawyer Evan S. Lipstein has in-depth knowledge of construction that works to his clients' benefit in cases involving construction defects and mechanics' lien law.

  • Motor vehicle Accidents: If you've been injured in motor vehicle accident that wasn't your fault, you're entitled to compensation. Evan S. Lipstein can help you gain maximum compensation for your injuries.

  • Negligent motorists who strike bicycles or pedestrians are liable for medical costs, lost wages, and the injury victim's pain and suffering. Mr. Lipstein investigates bicycle and pedestrian accidents and holds reckless drivers financially liable for the injuries they cause.

  • Employment Law: Lakewood employment law attorney Evan S. Lipstein represents employees in cases involving workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage-hour claims.

  • Real Estate Law: Prevent future litigation by ensuring all your real estate transactions are properly completed and thoroughly reviewed by an experienced, trustworthy attorney. If title, contract, or boundary disputes arise, contact Evan Lipstein to get them resolved favorably.

  • Zoning & Land Use Law: A former planning commissioner, Mr. Lipstein is well-versed in the language of real estate, whether you are trying to gain approval for a new development, or are trying to prevent something from being built in your neighborhood.
To set up a meeting to discuss your legal issues, contact the Law Offices of Evan S. Lipstein, P.C. today.
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