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Lakewood Land Use Attorney Evan S. Lipstein

Professional and Experienced Legal Representation for Zoning Litigation Involving Developers and Individual Homeowners

A new development project is a complex process that will involve a variety of actors, including architects, bankers and financial backers, attorneys, governmental bodies, and many others. Attorney Evan S. Lipstein helps developers and builders in managing their dealings with the multitude of people that will impact the successful development of their project.

As part of that process, Attorney Lipstein works with developers to present a comprehensive plan to local government staff, planning commissions, city councils, and county commissioners. At all levels of the process, Mr. Lipstein provides comprehensive presentations for projects seeking plan approvals, variances, re-zoning, permits, and other governmental commission approvals.

Mr. Lipstein also represents developers in litigation regarding denial of a proposed project, land use plan, or zoning change, as well as disputes between developers and neighbors.

If you are involved in the process of getting approval for your project or in land use litigation, contact the Law Offices of Evan S. Lipstein, P.C., for experienced, professional legal service. Lakewood land use attorney Evan S. Lipstein is a former Lakewood city planning commissioner with first hand experience making decisions over zoning issues. In addition, he has represented homeowners and developers in zoning litigation throughout Colorado for 35 years.

Zoning and Land Use Litigation in Colorado

Most zoning and land use applications go follow a fairly predictable path:

  • First, the plan is presented to and reviewed by the municipal or county planning staff.
  • Then, it goes to a planning commission, such as the one on which Mr. Lipstein himself served.
  • Then, the issue goes to the City Council or the Board of County Commissioners.

After that, if the parties are still not satisfied with the ruling, the issue becomes a matter of litigation and my end up in the court system if a satisfactory resolution cannot be negotiated.

If you have a zoning or land use issue and you need representation, the Law Offices of Evan S. Lipstein, P.C. can help. Contact Evan S. Lipstein today to set up an appointment.

Located in Lakewood, Colorado, land use attorney Evan S. Lipstein offers experienced legal representation for homeowners and developers who are facing zoning and land use litigation in the Denver Metro Area and Front Range of Colorado, including the cities of Golden, Littleton, Denver, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Idaho Springs, Westminster, and Aurora.

Broomfield County, Adams County, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, Denver County, Clear Creek County, and Gilpin County.

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